Folding Chair proposes a stylish interpretation of the classic folding seat, shifting the focus from a backup seating solution to a powerful furniture piece.

Folding Chair earns a permanent role at the dining table or in modern office spaces by blending aesthetics and comfort under a fresh approach on the classic folding seat, which was often perceived just as a temporary furniture solution. The generic name aims to question the previous perceptions of the classic folding chair, bringing in the spotlight precisely the functional detail that kept this object in the shadow, as a secondary piece of furniture that can be easily hidden away at any moment.

The generously sized seat and the thin backrest ensure a relaxed sitting posture while contouring a sleek, refined silhouette that stands out through its gracious simplicity. With two finishes available for the seat and the backrest, walnut and ash, Folding Chair easily integrates as a primary furniture piece in both private and professional decors. The finely crafted details highlight the natural qualities of the wood in a lightweight, mobile and resistant structure.

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